a happy, healthy and prosperous new year, and thank you for having supported Celeste!

- Celeste Prize:  important changes to the way selections are made.
- Censorship: you are invited to investigate with your work, the many aspects of this theme.
- Network: new functions and consolidation of interest areas. Development of the ‘Projects’ area to include a search by skills, opportunities and jobs.
- No change in ‘Prize’ membership fees in 2011.

We hope you will choose to continue to be part of our growing network, which this year has grown by 25% to 37,000 signed-up members.

Videos and photos of Celeste Prize 2010 awards and final exhibition in New York.

Warmest regards from
Steven Music and the Celeste Team: Roberto Baldi, Silvia Li Pira, and Jacqueline Tune.