artists investigate the theme of censorship

"The exciting work in this exhibition reflects and intervenes on the conditions of information production, exposing the apparatus of power and its relationship to new forms of censorship. The distinctive aesthetic strategies utilized by the artists confront the “medium of the message” and provide extraordinary, alternative modes of seeing communication and its meaning.”
- comment by the curators Aria Spinelli and Jason Waite - 1 September.

Artists in Celeste were asked to consider in the works, our time as a moment in which ever expanding means of visibility and information surges, and the discourse around censorship as a form of limitation or redaction is in need of re-examination. While this traditional notion of censorship as negation aiming to influence public opinion is still pursed by various governments, enterprise, media and cultural institutions, increasingly concentrations of power have focused on augmenting and amplifying the accumulation of information and taking a proactive approach to 'message management'.


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Works selected for exhibition in Milan at the Fabbrica del Vapore, Via Procaccini 4, from 15 to 29 September:

Claudio Allia - Remote Control

simona barbagallo - Un sogno ipertrofico

Amit Berlowitz - What should we dream of

Giuseppe Mendolia Calella - URL per un Don Giovanni

minimum - mirror mirror

Elena Monti - Mirror's Cover

Christian Varsi - The Braille Photography

Julia Winter - Pravda
Works selected for exhibition in New York at The Invisible Dog, 51 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, 11-13 November:
Daniel Abad - Diary of Dreams: May 15, 2011

Stefano Butturini - Filicudi - The Other Side


Andras Calamandrei - Alert not Alarm


Asli Cavusoglu - 191/205


ChunTeng Chu - How kind of you to let me come. My Fair Lady Series 3


Andre' Feliciano - Photographic Sunflower Field


Slyvia Reitzema - Censored World


Sara Rossi - college 10


Levente Sulyok - All the Paranoid Monoliths

Petra Valdimarsdottir - Come & Go - Deathrow 1982

Producing Censorship is Celeste's third annual theme exhibition for members, and follows Expectations in Berlin and New York (2010) and Dependtendency in Venice (2009).