Arte A Colori Gallery presents works by Elisa Bertaglia, Anna Caruso, Fabio Presti, Valentina Ravagni, from 14 to 28 April.

WITH A BEAST IN YOUR HEART _ Bestiary of art and psycho-pedagogy of fables


Curated by: Francesca Sensi and Marcella Fragapane

Artists: Elisa Bertaglia , Andrea Capucci, Matteo Cocci, Anna Caruso , Susan Leyland, Marco Manzella, Sigrid Nienstedt, Fabio Presti , Lorenzo Perrone, Valentina Ravagni , Alessandro Reggioli, Fabio Rota, Tino Stefanoni.
Partnership: Premio Celeste Progetto Light Room

Place: Galleria Arte a Colori,via Gracco del Secco 66, Colle di Val d'Elsa (Siena)

Opening: Sunday 14th April 2013 at 12.00

Parallel Event: Seminar on Fables by Dr. Marcella Fragapane

Ehibition lasting: from 14th April to 28th April

Entrance: Free

Gallery Times: 10.00 - 13.00 and 16.00 - 20.00 every day, Monday closed.

Exhibition Info: + 39 3339091367 Francesca Sensi

Seminar Info: + 39 3668051230 Marcella Fragapane


The fantastic world of fable belogs to us much more than we can imagine. Within each of us lives an alive and free animal: with it, we live or we must learn to live: a fragile puppy, a wild aggressive predator, a mimetic alter-ego we need to come to terms with: shrewd, tender, languid, violent, aggressive.

A dialogue between art and psychology, a deep investigation on a visual, linguistic and emotional territory

We'll introduce our audience to works connected to animal symbols, and a seminar will be held by Marcella Fragapane: she will help us understand the mysterious world of the beast in our heart. Along with this exhibition, we'll also introduce the work of some young artists who have won the LightRoom Project within Premio Celeste.

During the exhibition opening, it will be possible to meet the artists.

Seminar program:

Marcella Fragapane will explore our inside world through the narration and interpretation of fables.

-Sunday 14th April: "Donkey Skin" (protecting and wearing a costume)

-Sunday 21st April: "The secret Rooms of Barbablu (women's predisposition to propose themselves as victims of a torturer)

-Sunday 5th May: "Rusty" (the fable of the wild male)


The seminars are on a limited enrolment basis and are recommended for people over 18.
They last about three hours and take part in the Gallery itself. Reservation is required. It is recommended to follow all of the three seminars.



Counsellor, she read Jung , she is a narrator of myths and fables and has a passion for children creativity and art: she runs workshops for parents and teachers. She has been fascinated by "shadow" since she was a child, and she turned it into expressive research and psycho-pedagogic investigation. In 1996 she founded the International festival of Shadows in Staggia Senese, and she is the artistic manager of it. On her Facebook profile she wrote: "I love blue skies and I collect clouds".


The characteristic of Galleria Arte a Colori is mainly to organize events and theme exhibitions where the world of art meets social backgrounds. It uses identities and competence which have little to share with art intended in a traditional way. It also gives its space to endorse craftpeople and conceptual and theoric expression.