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We want to thank all artists who submitted works to Celeste Prize this year for their commitment and support. We received works from more than 60 countries around the world.

The year's six winning works, voted by the 43 finalist artists themselves at a crowded exhibition on Saturday 15 November in Milan, can be seen below.

Videos: don't miss the winners on their works, the final exhibition, the prizegiving and the curators' talk in the 'open jury session'.

  • NEW Project Prize 4.000 €
  • Painting & Drawing Prize 4.000 €
  • Photography & Digital Graphics Prize 4.000 €
  • Video & Animation Prize 4.000 €
  • Installation, Sculpture & Performance Prize 4.000 €
  • Visitors Choice Prize 500 €

Exhibition benefits in 2015 with galleries.
See 'Results' below for the names of selected artists: