Congratulations to this year's five prize winners chosen on Saturday 14 November at a packed opening and awards night in Milan.

Borja Rodriguez Alonso, Wuttin Chansataboot, Andrea Cimatti, Veronica de Giovanelli and Andreas Lutz were voted 20,000 € prizes by their fellow 43 finalists.

Exhibition 14-22 November, and 18 November for 'Ventura Contemporary Art Night no.6', at Ex-Bazzi, via Gaetano Crespi 24, Milan.

Project Prize € 4.000
Winner, Wuttin Chansataboot - The metamorphosis of Self and Identity in Digital Era

Painting and Drawing Prize € 4.000
Winner, Veronica de Giovanelli - If a clod be washed away by the sea
2. (equal) Marieke Kruger - Simon of Cyrene, Emanuele Sartori - Untitled
3. Gianfranco Basso - Push the button

Photography & Digital Graphics Prize € 4.000
Winner, Andrea Cimatti - Illuminated love
2. Caro Williams - Floating Poem
3. Teri Havens - Jack's Place, Delta County, Colorado, 2013

Video & Animation Prize € 4.000
Winner, Borja Rodríguez Alonso - Google 02 -why
2. Mauro Falsini - Un'Altra Via
3. Vicki Thornton -The Remembered Film

Installation, Sculpture & Performance Prize € 4.000
Winner, Andreas Lutz - Wutbürger
2. Paola Sommaruga - p e n s i e r o c i r c o l a r e
3. (equal) Silvia Fiorentino - Ex Voto/Desiderando il desiderio/preghiera, Jaewon Kim - Sediments, Parvaneh Rahimi - Where do you keep your camels at night?