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We are delighted to announce the names of this year's winners chosen by the 53 finalist artists themselves at London's Bargehouse on 7th October

Project Prize Winner, 4,000 € - Krysia Kordecki, 'Yesterday's noise is today's silence'

 Painting & Drawing Prize, 4,000 € - Flavia Pitis, 'All Sides of Balance'

Photography & Digital Graphics, 4,000 € - Kal Karim, 'The Sea in Fort de-l'Eau'

Video & Animation Prize, 4,000 € - Laure Catugier, 'Room m3'

Installation, Sculpture & Performance Prize, 4,000 € - Markus Hoffmann, 'Zirkon Kompass'

Super-Young Prize, 3,000 € - Jay Harrison, 'Electromechanical Lithophone'

Finalists' full voting results

Project Prize: 2nd Guy Goldstein; 3rd Hella Gerlach

Painting & Drawing Prize: 2nd Annalisa Parisii; 3rd Paul De fleurs

Photography & Digital Graphics Prize: 2nd equal Laura Pannack, Retouch, Patricia Smiths; 3rd equal FP, Waseem Syed

Video & Animation Prize: 2nd KO; 3rd equal Daniel Nicolae Djamo, Colin Hill

Installation, Sculpture & Performance Prize: 2nd Frank&RobbertRobbert&Frank; 3rd equal Eunhyung Kim, Christina Massey, Charlotte Pann

Super-Young Prize: 2nd Paul Valentin; 3rd equal Lisa Cutrino, Peng Yi Hang, Parvaneh Rahimi, Guendalina Urbani

Finalist works exhibition, 7-9 October 2016, at Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf, South Bank, London SE1

Emerging artists Benefits programme 2016/7

Art Rooms, London, UK - Janusz Jurek, Markus Hoffmann, Reyhane Mirjahani, Emmanuelle Moureaux
Doppelganger Gallery, Bari, Italy - Lars Reiffers
Each winners receives a free personal page in Kleio, and a web portfolio in Viewbook