Why you should know about Comcast mailing
13 April 2017
If you think that an email is just to send and share messages then you need to think about “Comcast emailing.” Comcast actually changed the whole idea of emailing. Comcast email gives you more with your Comcast email account. Your account will be faster, secure and gives you amazing added benefits.

What makes Comcast mailing a must for your business and personal use?

Comcast mailing is secure

The idea of a secure mailing is perfectly one of best features with your Comcast emailing. You will get better security as compare to other email service providers. It doesn’t work with a port-25 configuration and this makes it more secure and faster network.

Comcast support’s external mail accounts

Comcast mailing gives you a privilege to use your external mail accounts in it. You don’t need to worry if you are using other mail accounts. Just use your third-party email account with XFINITY Connect email and get your all mail delivered in one inbox. This is more convenient rather using two or more email account separately.

Single Comcast account for various services

If you are using a Comcast phone services then you are entitled to get access of its additional services. You can access internet, email, voice mail and messaging services online using the same username and password. You don’t need to be worried about memorizing different username and password.

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Comcast gives exclusive account (on your business name)

Comcast understands your business needs. They kept this concept in mind so provide you a Microsoft Outlook account which you can access using browser or Microsoft’s email network. This gives you exclusivity with your business mailing. If you buy a subscription for phone, internet or TV with Comcast, then your email account will be free.

Comcast gives free accounts

If you buy mailing from any other email service provider then you have to pay for each account you are going to use but this doesn’t go with Comcast mailing. When you buy a single Comcast mail account then you will get 6 extra secondary addresses which you can use for your business. You can actually save huge cost on buying email addresses.

If you face problems with Comcast mailing then you can directly call our toll-free number for Comcast email customer service and support. We are third-party Comcast service provider for taking care of all your queries related with Comcast mailing.

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