Artists of Quantum Art
09 January 2018
The artists who want to become part of the Quantum Art Movement should be those who, inspired - without forcing, of course - the concepts of entanglement, quantum leap and consciousness / knowledge, create visual works of art, sculpture, music, poetry, theater.

The artist who wants to be part of MAQ should be particular and original of its kind; express themselves both through the quantum figurative and through abstractionism.

It should express, through its own works, and allow to perceive "parallel universes", "infinitely small worlds" belonging to humans, to living beings, to objects.

The reality we are used to seeing is only what we have in our mind, a fantasy that has nothing to do with real reality; and this should be shared thinking for an MAQ artist.

An MAQ artist, inspired naturally and without artifice to the scientific concepts of quantum physics, transcribes the principles both through abstractionism (conceptual forms that allow to perceive parallel universes), and through the figurativism closely linked to the entanglement (which others commonly define "relocation").

The artist MAQ is able, with fantastic and infinite shapes and lines, to give input to "other thought", that thought that is able to be perceived at enormous distances (entanglement) and allows us to know and become aware of what surrounds. It expresses through unconventional colors and shapes, geometric and not, flows of color, digital painting, dance, abstract poetics the ethical convictions of a quantum artist: collaborating to the growth of humanity through a path of peace, works to safeguard the biodiversity of Nature, Peoples and Languages.

The quantum artist is recognized for his work characterized by the superimposition of perspective planes, from refraction and reflection (optic) in the artistic creation of figures, objects, shapes; echo of lines and shapes that split and triple.

An artist to enter MAQ must accept and support the founding principles of the group and those deriving from the scientific concepts of quantum physics; create - not artificially, but in full awareness - works that describe and represent, through different perspectives, refractions, reflections (concept of Optics), echoes and doubles of figures, shapes and flows of color, entanglement, quantum leap ( quantum leap), the parallel universes.

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