Scandal in Sochi: violation of auteur rights of a French artist
27 January 2014
The first sculpture - pylon in the world "Skier in Sochi" of Elena Paroucheva
You could see in the medias, a large sculpture of 32 meters height constructed, placed and lit the Olympic Village in Sochi 2014.
This sculpture is a copy of my drawings and sculptures - pylons.
I discovered with amazement, internet, projects of design studio "Design Depot”, Moscow-based, copy imitation and reproduction of my drawings and my sculptures and read in the press articles stating that it was a brand new concept, never seen or done anywhere else. Now I'm the creator of this concept 1999.
In addition, on the occasion of an exhibition in 2010, I met a senior Andrey V. Kazachenkov, Network Russian electricity and, at his request, I sent him several drawings and models of sculptures towers for the project of Sochi Olympics 2014!.
My request for judicial intervention has been sent to the ADAGP (Society of copyright in France) in April 2013 and transmitted RAO (Society of copyright in Russia), but never succeeded. A complaint is filed with the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Paris and Moscow, but the way justice is long to give a profit before the Olympic Games in Sochi (beginning 7 February 2014) and too expensive for an artist ...

That is why I am now addressing the media. At the Olympic Games Sochi, photos, films of this sculpture will be disseminated and published in all media. My request is that my name is written as the author of this work in any publication and broadcasting.
My wish is that inform the public and the media, through articles, images, interview .... and this is relayed.
A forward: I am the founder of a new artistic movement that I called "electric art" in 1999 and that are me who created the concept of sculptures - electric pylons, well before "DesignDepot" Moscow, and well before Russia Choi + Shine Architects, USA.
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