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09 October 2019
Inauguration to remember for the emotional participation and involvement that the exhibited works of the painter Maristella Angeli, are able to convey.
The Arte Borgo Gallery location is significant, located in Rome in the heart of the Borgo District, a stone's throw from the Vatican City, perfect for the preparation by the President of the Cultural Association Arte Borgo Gallery, Anna Isopo.
The inauguration opened with the presentation of Dr. Nicolina Bianchi, an art critic who took the depth of the painter's expressive pictorial research. The acting performance of the artist, who read a monologue, specially written, and some poems taken from her poetic collections published, was very much appreciated.
Numerous present audiences have applauded for a long time: a very special atmosphere that is rarely experienced.
The following day, the journalist and art critic Giorgio Vulcano, analyzed the paintings capturing the transmitted energy and the artist's profound elaboration.
The gallery had the honor of welcoming the presence of Canadian Cardinal Michael Czerny, undersecretary of the migrants and refugees section of the Department for the Integral Human Development Service to the Holy See, with other authoritative representatives who visited the artistic staff and admired the exhibited works .
The personal exhibition of the painter Maristella Angeli, will be open until October 18, at the Art Gallery "Arte Borgo Gallery", Rome.
"Messaggi is the title of the personal exhibition that Maristella Angeli presents at the Arte Borgo Gallery exhibition space in Rome.
In his new exhibition in the Capital the artist proposes a series of works in which he highlights his constant and intense passion for art. A passion that accompanies the artist since she was a child with an inexhaustible creativity that allowed her through her studies to reach a great expressive capacity and make her works readily recognizable, granting observers subliminal messages.
In each of her works the painter captures moments of contemporary life, revealing them through elegant harmonies of colors and figures, managing to convey values, sensations, "Messages" that lead the observer to profound reflections "(Anna Isopo)

timetable Monday 15.00 / 19.00
from Tuesday to Friday 11.00 / 19.00
Saturday 10.00 / 13.00
"Arte Borgo" Gallery
Borgo Vittorio, 25 Rome,
the exhibition will be open until October 18,
timetable: Monday 15.00 / 19.00
from Tuesday to Friday 11.00 / 19.00
Saturday 10.00 / 13.00
Sunday closed

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