The critical reviews
25 January 2020
I was re-reading the artistic criticisms, some very profound positive. How much do they count? They are certainly rewarding, they give depth to the curriculum, some capture aspects of the artist that only an art historian can outline.
I thank each of them for the appreciation, for confirming what can reach the observer:
Salvatore Russo, Jean Charles Spina, Roberto Perdicaro, Enzo Papa, Claudia Sensi, Serena Mariani Parmeggiani, Francesca Catalano, Rosario Pinto, Antonia Pèsare, Loredana Finicelli.
I thank all those who have included me as an artist on their sites, even those who have included my poems.
The task of an artist is to "get" to touch the ropes of the feelings of the observer, to transmit deep messages that excite, remain to reflect, to hope, to understand what goes beyond words.

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