19 January 2017
Fwd: Mostra Scultorea alla Spazio Iclab FB Fabrizio Borghini mar 17/01/2017 23.18 Posta in arrivo A: Pronestì Daniela (; Mostra tutti (3 allegati (4 MB)) Salva tutto in OneDrive - Personale - "SCULTOREA" Da sabato 4 febbraio a domenica 19 febbraio ...Read all

Fantastic creatures and other wonders ...

06 December 2015
Curatorial project by Simultanea Spaces of Art - Florence From 13 to 25 January 2016 "We do not know the meaning of the dragon, as we ignore the meaning of the universe, but there is something in his image that fits in with the imagination of men, and so the dragon appears in ages and latitudes."...Read all