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Serena  Gamberini
3 years ago
Serena Gamberini Artist, Illustrator, Painter
Wow, what amazing paintings! Congrats
4 years ago
G: - thanks for your supporting interest - look forward to seeing more work ...!

Clay Bodvin / mediummixer
Alessandro Lonzardi
5 years ago
Thank you very much for the friendship. Congratulations for your works.
Nunzia Pappalardo
6 years ago
Grazie per l'amicizia
Gesto Segno Disegno
6 years ago
Thanks Seg, look at this initiative to grow and spread the art free of everybody

Workshop online
to realize a group exibhition/ work
from September 1 to November 29, 2013

The Review of Contemporary Art "Gesto Segno Disegno" at the 9th day of Contemporary Art organized by AMACI (Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums) is building a online workshops with the purpose of creating a work of art company, which later became a traveling group show.
By filling in a form downloaded from the website anyone interested will be able to modify the work starting with the title "Sainte Chapelle."
Fabiana Collotto
6 years ago
Danke für die Freundschaft :)
Thank you for the friendship :)
Grazia  Badari
7 years ago
Grazia Badari Artist
grazie e belle opere!
Sinéad Duggan
7 years ago
Thank you Seg - beautiful works,best regards,Sinéad
7 years ago
Thanks for your friendship !
 Anna Scopece "DARVIN"   ( non Darwin )
7 years ago
Ciao Seg, sono felice di averti tra i miei amici e complimenti per la tuoa bellissima arte !

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