Exposition internationale de photographies
Exhibitions, France, Departement du Lot, Figeac, 08 August 2019
One of our scheduled exhibits in 2019
"Exposition internationale de photographies"
From AUG-08 to 15 at Salle Balene Figeac in France / Europe

The exhibition will take place from 8 to 16 August 2019 in the Balène Hall. This beautiful exhibition hall, in the historic centre of Figeac, a few steps from the famous world famous Champollion museum.

The city of Figeac receives nearly one million visitors each year. A catalogue will be published on this occasion and animations will be programmed during the opening.
Photographers from all over the world will be exhibited and a local competition on the city of Figeac will be organized.

Figeac is situated in the extremity IS of the department, in the limits of Aveyron and Cantal. City of the former(old) province of Quercy, it belongs to the region Occitania and account 10.000 inhabitants today.

The city and its historic center received in 2018 more than 800 000 visitors partially thanks to the museum world-famous Champollion.

The room Baléne, which is a municipal showroom, recoit annually of numerous exhibitions(exposures) and is situated a few steps away from the museum Champollion. This geographical situation is going to assure(insure) us one very large number of visitors.

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