Mostra personale Pietro Rubellini
Exhibitions, Italy, Firenze, 19 April 2019
Pietro Rubellini is an artist but he is not a painter.
Pietro Rubellini completes his middle and high school studies by attending Master Gamberini's violin class at the Cherubini in Florence and the art school which at that time was annexed to it, also developing a passion for the figurative arts.
After enrolling at the University and graduating for some years he worked as a session man and as an arranger composer with the musical publishing house "Materiali Sonori" participating in various so-called avant-garde music projects with various Italian and international artists. In the mid-1990s he abandoned his musical activity and began working in public administration in the environmental sector. But he knows two young artists and professors of the Academy of Florence, Anna Tondo and Adriano Bimbi and above all attending the latter's studio he finds his old passion for painting.
From that moment he began to paint inspired by all the solicitations, stimuli, people of all races and continents encountered in his musical career. This is how the first paintings dedicated to characters and biological forms are born, by primitively chosen African traits and primacy of colors, to then move on to a phase dedicated to the de-contextualization of biological details (elbows that become grasshoppers legs or hands that become crab claws ) to finally arrive at a series of characters, with tribal body proportions, that represent Peter but also all of us who in everyday life are Christs, then Saints and also warriors and warriors.
Pietro is not a painter but hopes with these works of his to arouse at least curiosity and emotions, a minimalist but ambitious goal of every expressive form.
The exhibition is presented by Enrico Loretti, the person with the highest artistic sensibility but at the same time with the most refined sense of humor, new Groucho Marx, that could be found and therefore obviously the most suitable to present this "lightness" with sufficient iterculturary, interracial and interpersonal salad.

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