ASYLUM - Fear as Art - (Event of the AsylumFantasticFest)
Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, Valmontone, 09 May 2019
The Asylum Fantastic Fest, project of the OutOut Art Workshop, in collaboration with the Municipality of Valmontone and with the Bimestrale of Cultura Gotica, Fantasy and Horror Asylum, is proposed as the main Festival of Italian Fantastic Art. Although there are several Festivals on the peninsular territory, the kermesse promoted by our workshop is the only one that aims to express all the artistic declinations dedicated to the theme of horror, gothic and fantasy.
Asylum Fantastic Fest is not limited, like most of the Festivals present in the territory, to unite cinema, visual arts, music, performing arts and literature; to this it adds the great basin of the universe of animation and comics, of the cosplay universe and of the first Italian StreetHorrorFood.

The main purpose of Asylum Fantastic Fest is to provide real visibility and support to the excellences of fantastic, horror, gothic art, promoting realities and works that are able to provide new content readings and above all put in comparison with the new 2.0 languages. The search for new trends and the opening to currently unencumbered basins, allows us to guarantee the creation of a Festival able to act as a multi-year reference point for a current that has always been looking for stimuli and developments. An event that wants to act as an opportunity to stimulate collaboration between young Italian and international artists, proposing moments of meeting and exchange for the sections present at the Festival.

Different figures are contacted who have already given their availability to the event: the director Dario Argento (President of the Jury), the actress Jasna Kohoutova (Madrina of the Festival) the director Lamberto Bava, the director Luigi Cozzi, the director Ivan Zuccon, the actor Flavio Bucci, the musician Claudio Simonetti (Goblin), the effigy Sergio Stivaletti, the writers D'Orazio and Tentori, the journalist Roberto D'Onofrio. Also several international guests contacted and of which we received a rough confirmation of their presence: Chris Alexander, Ramsey Campbell, Clive Barker, Mick Garris, Brian Yuzna.

Among the various sections present in the festival (Cinema, Theater, Music, Literature), a relevant plan is reserved to ART. There will be three Exhibitions:
1) Cinematographic posters from the 40s, 50s and 60s linked to Gender cinema.
2) for the 30 years of Splatter, an expo dedicated to the original tables of the famous magazine that has characterized entire generations;
3) ASYLUM - Fear as Art - exhibition open to 40 artists that will be selected by January 31, 2019. All the artists who will become part of the International Collective will be included in a limited edition Delux Catalog that will be presented at the Festival, and for the reputed one, which is more representative of the proposed theme, a cash prize will be awarded (as per the rules that can be visited at and a curatorial for a solo show in the second edition of the Festival.

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1 year ago
Sartorius Artist, Photographer
Il festival che aspettavo.
Maristella  Angeli
1 year ago
Maristella Angeli Premium Painter, Artist
Sicuramente, sarà un successo!

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