Chasing beauty
Exhibitions, Italy, Trento, 31 August 2019
Paolo Ober, from Trento, proposes an anthological exhibition that essentially summarizes the 40 years of his artistic activity. The exhibition will take place in the Thun room of Torre Mirana in Trento and will be presented by the critic Roberta Fiorini, curator of Simultanea Spazi Arte in Florence. The exhibition describes an evolution that from a first original form of figuration has progressively led him to express his emotions through anecdotes entrusted to stylized entities, moved by sinuous movements in surreal visions. A fantastic and often playful narrative in which colors play an increasingly important role, sought after as interpreters and evocators of emotions. In recent years, the study of the juxtaposition of contrasts and chromatic relationships acquires further relevance with respect to the didactic narrative and an attraction towards geometry is emphasized, understood as a key to the pursuit of harmony and beauty.
In the course of his intense and diversified curriculum, developed also outside the region and abroad, the author has often approached multimedia art. Already in the 80s he proposed several fading slide shows with synchronized sound commentary, among which the experimental "Free images" (1996) mentioned several times in contemporary art exhibitions. He then made several videos for the musical group Trotanix (period 2003-07) and from 2012 to 2016 he collaborated with the international contemporary theater company La Quarta Parete with the editing of videos used for the scenographic backgrounds associated with acting. As part of the exhibition, it will be possible to view a selection of some montages through a video station that is constantly active in a loop. The exhibition will be open from August 31st to September 11th 2019, with 10-12 and 16-19 hours every day. Opening at 6pm on August 31st.

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