Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 08 October 2011
curated by Stefania Brugnaletti
- Atelier fra’ Sidival Fila – Via di San Bonaventura, 7
fra’ Sidival Fila+Guest
Flavia Bigi, Valentina De Martini, Olga Donati,
Moreno Panozzo, Paola Romoli Venturi, Croce Taravella
The atelier is located in the Convent of San Bonaventura, in the archaeological area of the Palatine Hill (Colosseum), and will host a collective of contemporary art works.

- Atelier Valentina De Martini – Via dei Volsci, 110
Valentina De Martini+Guest
Flavia Bigi, Olga Donati, fra’ Sidival Fila,
Moreno Panozzo, Paola Romoli Venturi, Croce Taravella
h 8,00 pm Performance CONDANNATO> LIBERO by the artist Paola Romoli Venturi

Located in the artistic district of San Lorenzo, the atelier is hosting contemporary art works of artists
in a collective exhibition and will offer to the public a dynamic performance by the artist Paola
Romoli Venturi, which will take place at 8.00 pm

Saturday 8th October a Wish Consultancy adheres to the event of Contemporary Art Day,
promoted by AMACI, with the initiative Atelier+Guest.
Atelier+Guest is a program of artists’ studios visits planned by Stefania Brugnaletti curator for
projects of contemporary art.
Stefania Brugnaletti will organize a tour in some ateliers of artists : private and original places, in the
most meaningful angles of the city, which have been elected by the artists as their residences or
The project foresees that every artist entertains in his/her own atelier the art works of a guest artist,
in the intent to stimulate the attention of the public on the exchange of the artistic languages, and to
individuate at the same time similar or antithetical deep inspections of creative explorations.
The visit will present a moment of encounter with emergent artists who have already received
renowned recognition, and whose art works belong to important private and corporate collections. These have been exhibited by Italian and foreign institutions.
Two studios will be provided for this edition. Both projects are aimed at universities, academies of
fine arts, research and training institutions in the field of visual arts and related.
The cultural purpose of the program is to give the opportunity to visit the studios to a diverse
audience, museum directors, curators, art critics, artists, architects, students and collectors.

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