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News, Italy, Roma, 06 October 2012
October 6th from 11:00 to 22:00 Paola Romoli Venturi, opened his home / studio in Viale Eritrea, 91 M Int.7 scale.
My home My life My work will be a day of meetings in which the artist will present his work past, present and future. On the work table of the study / VENTRE DELLA BALENA will be present PACIFIC TRASH VORTEX project in progress 'waiting' of places and funds to be realized. Also you can breathe installations 'traspaquadri' and see the video and the performance achieved in recent years.
During the day, Paola Romoli Venturi read the rhyme MOLTI, MOLTA, MOLTE browsing the artist's book, which is the starting point of the project PACIFIC TRASH VORTEX which is composed of an artist's book, a nursery rhyme, a video installation, photos and performance ISOLE in which the plastic that she, a consumer of today, manufactures are formed by creating dreamlike appearances marine zoomorphic wrap fountains, trees, monuments of city squares by making everyone a question 'that makes us the plastic in the center of the square? '' that makes us a whale here? '
PACIFIC TRASH VORTEX project presentation from 11.00 to 22.00
12.00 am reading rhyme MOLTI, MOLTA, MOLTE browsing the artist's book
18.00 hours reading rhyme MOLTI, MOLTA, MOLTE browsing the artist's book
19.30 will read the one-act ‘non si sa poi cosa’ published on n2 AIRA underground

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