Exhibitions, Germany, München, 15 September 2010

An exhibition by Paola Romoli Venturi (Roma)
Works inspired by the Judgment ‘Spartacus’ as well by the deep engagement of Roberto Saviano against the Camorra

Cured by: Simonetta Martelli (Roma) and
Stefan-Maria Mittendorf (München)
Opening of the exhibition: 16.09. – 24.10.2010
Gallery 1- 3 Pasinger Fabrik
Hours: Tuesday – Sunday from 4 pm to 8 pm
Entrance: 2,00 Euro - reductions 1,00 Euro
Opening: Wednesday 15.09.2010 7 p.m.

In November 2009 The Italian writer Roberto Saviano was granted the important prize ‚Geschwister Scholl’ by the German association of book editors.
The Prize is recognition of the outstanding engagement of Roberto Saviano. With his books and articles he targets the camorra, an organisation like the mafia, located in Campania (Naples).
The book Gomorra becomes a hit after Saviano’s participation in a public debate at Casal di Pricipe (near Naples) at the opening of the schools, in September 2006. On this occasion he invites the citizens to oppose the camorra.
From this moment Saviano becomes the main target of the camorra. The Italian Premier decides to give Saviano an escort: 7 Carabinieri will protect him day and night.
This means for Saviano that from October 2006 his life has changed abruptly. No more privacy, no place to stay. He frequently has to change his habits and location; he has since not seen his mother.
At this stage Saviano doesn’t have a private life, but strangely enough, as he once pointed out, the public debate on his articles and books and on his person is a kind of life insurance for him, because as long as the media are talking about him, he will be much too risky a target for the camorra.
The roman artist Paola Romoli Venturi shows a set of site-specific works inspired by the emotions she felt watching Saviano just being present at the final lecture of the sentence “Spartacus II”, where the Italian State sentenced proven camorrists to severe punishment.
Saviano looks like he’s concentrating deeply, he is listening to the judge and seems to memorize all the names of the sentenced prisoners as well as the number of years of prison. No detail slips his mind.
The carabinieri who are in charge of his safety are also concentrating extremely hard: they are scanning the space in search of suspect faces or movements.
The exhibition is a voyage, a path made up by images, lights, shadows, and sounds. In her installations Paola Romoli Venturi recreates the situation she has seen, trying to transmit to the visitor the emotions she felt.
Focus of the exhibition is the large nude hall, where the atmosphere of the court is suggested.
The visitors sit on a bank: in this moment they are at court – virtually.
A recorded voice reads the sentence spoken by the judge. In front of the bank there are portraits of Roberto Saviano and his escort, made of an unusual material: tarlatan a textile material that allows to the artist to express herself as a painter would do with colours and brush.
Moving to the other rooms of the exhibition the visitor is faced by portraits of Saviano and by his shadow. A video made of hundreds drawings reveals Saviano’s characteristic features without directly showing his face.
“Instant Art”, what Paola Romoli Venturi calls her works, made from a piece of daily information. But the intensity and the depth of her work add a new dimension to the simple information. And a piece of information becomes art.

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