15 October 16.30 / 17.30 "FREE OPEN MY ART"  AMACI 2016
Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 15 October 2016
WITH PLEASURE RECEVE YOU'THOSE WHO MAKE AVAILABLE TO DIVE IN ATMOSPHERE AND ENVIRONMENT IDEAL SPAZIOFFICINA, in my Libero Creative Laboratory in Rome, BETWEEN MY WORKS .... I personally do not use molds or casts ... WHERE ALL WORK AND' UNIQUE aND ORIGINAL as the result of my skills and techniques of Art over the years have found a way to grow and evolve, and using my hands as a Unique Tool ... my very special .... Expressive Technique for Creating that can It is made of ceramics such as user objects and furniture, among all my creations Ceramics more details are the mirrors with curbs fruit or flowers as well as with means Paintings Ceramic vases overflowing with flowers, to continue and Sculptures finishing with Oil Paintings on Wood, where prefer the Square Format, symbol and universal meaning. The artist usually interprets, expresses, Manifesta, their emotions in works ... but it is possible to co-author to get or make a Custom Gift ... I, Maria Pia RELLA I can propose to CREATE WORKS COMMISSION on .... Artists interpret for us the emotion is of use but those of others, the emotions, to interpret it is definitely more challenging, a difficulty that can be ultilizzata as a positive engine for CREATE WORKS COMMISSION on and SHARE tHE PLEASURE oF CREATING

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francesca furin
3 years ago
Complimenti Maria Pia !!!!!
Nanouk Reicht
3 years ago
Nanouk Reicht Art lover
Auguri !!
RELLA Maria Pia = SpaziOfficina
3 years ago
SpaziOfficina il mio Libero Creativo Laboratorio a Roma in via MONTAIONE N.38

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