A SpaziOfficina  "APERITIF WITH.. . ARTE" On December 2, 2018 where artists will give information about the Event and Show to the Castle Aldobrandeschi Collacchioni at Capalbio From 18 to 24 May 2019 " FREE... MIND"
Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 02 December 2018
For artists from 10.00 hours to 12.30 in which each artist, having previously given his membership via email to rellamariapia2014@libero.it with the photo of the work he intends to exhibit after the confirmation will bring his work and will be able to expose it in the environments of Space Workshop, free and free, because I think it is useful to share with our works an opportunity and knowledge among artists in addition to the toast to the pleasure of the meeting... that repeats itself over time with the pleasure of being able to offer meeting opportunities Confidential... in the same day but at different times: in the morning for artists, in the afternoon for art lovers, a space workshop in my free Creative workshop in Rome, at the new salary, in Via Montaione N. 38

... I'm sorry to inform you that the exhibition FREE ... from 18 to 24 May 2019, NOT by my choice but for subsequent modification of the Municipality of the Castle Hours that will open only on Saturday and Sunday, closed in the week .... it will not be able to be carried out ... and this after a job that has involved activities and friends and that had found way to materialize with their availability and Promotion & Discount ... as the Introduction to the Catalog and the Critical Notes for the Works of the Artists that were made by Amica as well as a worthy writer and critic DE MICHELE Maria who expresses her work in art, with that simple and effective property of language that comes from the heart, that I fully share ... with the offer of a discount on the Tariff of the Hotel Valle Del Buttero as the discount on the Menu that we would have enjoyed together with the ILCANTINONEDALUCIANO Restaurant ...

FREE ... MINT Going further to find the infinite potential of art, true spiritual, visual and intellectual nourishment that FREE man from the weight of reality to hover in boundless dimensions .... this is the sense of what remains ... a Project and the possibility of organizing with people who make available, clearly and without misunderstandings, their skills and activities for self-promotion, including artists ... in interesting spaces led by people equally motivated to promote and share with Artists and Works in Exposition ...

FOR ALL ART LOVERS from 3.00 pm to 6.30 pm I open my Creative Workshop in Rome SpaziOfficina for MY ART FOR YOU ... to welcome all those who will be available to immerse themselves in an atmosphere and ideal setting ... My Works ... from the small Ceramics Creations to those used and Furnishings, Sculptures and Oil Paintings on Wood of various dimensions that can be available for purchase, the last Oil Paintings on Wood 25x25 cm. ..IN PROMOTION AND DISCOUNT ALL THE WORKS ON EXHIBITION ... FOR A UNIQUE AND ORIGINAL GIFT ... FROM THE MOST SMALL CERAMIC CREATIONS TO THOSE REALIZED FOR FURNITURE, SCULPTURES AND OIL PAINTINGS ON WOOD, IN VARIOUS MEASURES REALIZED TO BE INSERTED IN THE ENVIRONMENTS, IN PARTICULAR THOSE OF 25cm.x25cm REALIZED APPOINTLY TO PROPOSE TO MAKE OR MAKE A UNIQUE AND ORIGINAL GIFT, EVEN FOR THE S.NATALE, AT A COST THAT DID NOT COMPARISON ...


The CERAMIC MANUALIA Course I made is suitable for those who want to LEARN WITH THE PLEASURE OF DOING ...
Reservation for seats available as soon as possible

SpaziOfficina is my stage name because the interior spaces are immense, the workshop is my life and my commitment worked.

Libero Creativo Laboratorio a Roma
328 2726700

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