Special Double Catalog of Contemporary Art EMOTIONAL WORKS & NOTES 2020 Interactive Experiential Work
News, Italy, Roma, 14 February 2020
From February 22, 2020 the updated Information of the Special Double Catalog of Contemporary Art will be released. WORKS & NOTES ... EMOTIONAL 2020 22 maggio 2020 Interactive Experiential Work followed by a Creative Ludic Exhibition Event at SpaziOfficina, Rome where I also propose Experiential Weekends & Emotional Workshops ... Art and not only ... and Intensive Art Therapy Internships and not only in Costa Selvaggia, Pescia Romana (VI). In this Special Double Catalog you will be included in addition to the Artists and Creatives, the Selected Activities, the Collaborations and the Promoters, the latter will be collateral activities to the Art and beyond, to use this vehicle as Advertising and Information the same that we are looking for all that we express in Art and it is precisely to meet this need and correct modality that each of us will be IN ONE PAGE beyond the Name, the Personal Photo, the reference Data, the Photo of the Work, any Logo and more inherent ...

Those who make gift skills like that of the experience of Life in Art and not only... is able to realize Dreams and Desires that have personal characteristics such as the imprint of the fingers that identify beyond any doubt ... The Special Double Contemporary Art Catalog " EMOTIONAL" is a Work that embraces other works for realization in a different creative mode, fantastically unusual, because it uses the Art of Creation in Matter. The Special Double Contemporary Art Catalog " EMOTIONAL" is an Interactive Experiential Work because only by having the Catalog in your hands and opening up to contact with Creation you can get into harmony, empathy, in order to appreciate it, live it deeply and learn to believe in what you can It manifests that it requires the direct intervention of the Reader reacting in real time to the different choices made

Maria RELLA RELLA = SpaziOfficina Libero Creativo Laboratorio
Via Montaione n.38 - Nuovo Salario - ROMA rellamariapia2014@libero.it
+39 328 2726700
www.premioceleste.it/rellamariapia www.youtube.com/user/SPAZIOFFICINA

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