Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 24 April 2009
A selection of paintings will be on display at RossoCinabro gallery in Palombara Sabina (Rome) April 25 – May 03, 2009.

RossoCinabro is located at Piazza Mazzini, 6.
RossoCinabro present an exhibition of contemporary paintings from Italy entitled ‘L’opera perfetta’ (The perfect work). The exhibition will comprise works by 7 artists: Loredana Bendini, Luca Braglia, Blu Kobalto, Lidia Jevremovic, Elisabetta Losi, Cristina Madini, Zafa. www.rossocinabro.com
April 15th – May 03th, 2009 11 am - 6pm, RossoCinabro, 6 Piazza Mazzini, Rome – Palombara Sabina. Contact rossocinabro@gmail.com for an invitation or information

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