Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 10 October 2014
For the Tenth Day of Contemporary AMACI, RossoCinabro gallery presents a group exhibition 'The relationships' with a special opening on Saturday 11th October. Its will exhibits the works of Giovani Boldrini, Marta Fiorentini, Mario Formica, Stefano Mariotti, Gabriele Massaro, Luca Pascucci, Federico Pisciotta, Daniela Rebecchi, Tiziana Rufo, Alfio Sacco, Giovanna Valli
The artists love the mental association, the frankness of intent and are sensitive in the sense the contemporary feel. Today we live in a stressed and excitable society, a company formed by single individuals are constantly looking for autonomy. This is a path clear and incontrovertible. The globalization does the rest, causing forced new relationships and partnerships. This situation can be a source of strength if you do not cultivate the largest capacity of the human being: the dialogue. This exhibition is an invitation to a dialogue among artists and between artists and the audience, and it does not matter if the look does not respect the traditional idea. Through repetition, accumulation or the many transformations, synthesis, memory, eye realizes the world, rather it reveals its origin. The artists and the audience together can create a dynamic catalog of forces, stimulation, volitions that enables them both to come back again to see.

Opening saturday 11th October 5 p.m

Collateral event

Presentation of the last volume of Annamaria Biagini in collaboration with Florence Art Editions and Libreria Mondadori, Via Piave 18 Rome Saturday, October 11 at 17:00 (reservation tel. 42,014,726 06) provided for educational workshop for children aged 5-11 years (the artist will be present)

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