Together we show the art to the world - Rome
Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 17 June 2015
The Exhibition brings together authors with different ways of expression, leading to a single destination, the feel of life as a whole. Authors with contemporary language and differentiated themselves, of knowledge that focus on awareness of the vast inherited wealth and worked in order to enlarge each the power increasingly creative, poetic, inventive, emotional and critical flows inherent in the life of each; proposing a dilution between Art and Life... " curated by Geni Settanni
Artists: Avila, Bittencourt, Batista, Colagrande, Denycol, Filardi, Fontinelli,Gariglio, RGuimmaraes, Krug, Landgraff, Lúcio, Wlima, Manfroi, RMurio, Lima, Hiram, Pessutto, Scalea, Vilar, Ziegler, Witzke

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Rudolf Lichtenegger
3 years ago
Great, my compliments and much luck!

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