When the viewer...
Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 10 October 2015
On the occasion of the Eleventh Contemporary Day AMACI, with a special opening on Saturday 10 October, the gallery presents to her public the exhibition ‘When the viewer...’ will be exhibited works: Silvia Anguelova, Roberta Betti, Yannick Bourgeois, Marta Czaja, Sigita Dackevičiūtė, Patricia Del Monaco, Walter Dorsch, Lisa Etterich, Giovanna Fabretti, Sylvia Galos, Roberto Guccione, Liliana Hernández, Hannes Hofstetter, Ellina Katsnelson, Luciano Iannucci, Cristina Llarena, Fiorella Manzini, Stefano Mariotti, Silvana Mellacina, Philip Needham, New Avantgard, Daniela Rebecchi, Tiziana Rufo, Alfio Sacco, Georgeta Stefanescu, Barbora Sto, Paola Tavoletti, Jelena Todorovich, Ivan Villa
Artists love the mental association, the frankness of intent and are sensitive in capturing the feel contemporary. Today we live in a society stressed and excitable, a company formed by single individuals in constant search for autonomy. This is a path clear and incontrovertible. Globalization does the rest, causing forced new relationships and partnerships. This can be a source of strength if we do not cultivate the greatest ability of the human dialogue. This exhibition is an invitation to a dialogue among artists and between artists and the audience, and it does not matter if the look does not respect the traditional idea. Through repetition, the accumulation or the many transformations, synthesis, memory, the eye produces the world, reveals the fact of its origin. The artists and the audience together can create a dynamic catalog of forces, impulses, of volition which enables them both to come back again to see.
Curated by Cristina Madini

RossoCinabro Via Raffaele Cadorna 28, Roma
tel + 39 06 60658125
Monday – Friday 11am – 7 pm
opening Saturday 11 october 6 p.m

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