Be Contemporary Thinking
Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 18 November 2015
The RossoCinabro presents Be Contemporary Thinking | November 18 -30, 2015 Group Exhibition at the Via Raffaele Cadorna 28, situated in Centre of Rome near Horti Sallustiani.
The space, directed by Cristina Madini, from its birth has been dedicated to the promotion of Italian art and last year also international art. We exhibit for the occasion, a collective of artists whose works represent generations, experiences and different currents. The works run through the actual places or encoded as a space outside to the physical conditions, the known dimensions; often they have attitudes of escape, perhaps to that dimension (never defined) where they live the emotions, a home where everyone live without knowing, without seeing it. Artists: Roberta Betti, Yannick Bourgeois, Laura Cultrera, Beatrice Cofield, Sigita Dackevičiūtė, Patricia Del Monaco, Walter Dorsch, Lisa Etterich, Giovanna Fabretti, Sylvia Galos, Roberto Guccione, Anne Lise Kaaby, Cristina Landi, Cris Llarena, Lars Malmberg, Fiorella Manzini, Stefano Mariotti, Silvana Mellacina, Philip Needham, New Avantgard, Annamaria Panarace, Maria Paola Ranfi, Daniela Rebecchi, Paolo Remondini, Tiziana Rufo, Alfio Sacco, Diana Sokolić, Georgeta Stefanescu, Paola Tavoletti, Jelena Todorovic, Traversi Guerra

The event gives a great opportunity to invest into international art, and is a showcase of the well-established artist as well as young talent. Visitors can expect a variety of paintings, photography art, urban art, sculptures and jewelry, in different styles and media.

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