Contemporary Collected
Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 03 July 2017
give you an insight of how European artists look like today. At two different venues in Rome and Tokio, we are showing a variety of selected items representing different disciplines. Visitors can expect a variety of paintings, photography art, urban art and sculptures in different stylesand media. The exhibition is curated by Joe Hansen and Cristina Madini for RossoCinabro.

Artists: Davorka Azinović, Ann Pia Azizuddin, Maia Cristina Caetano, Alan Cariddi, Chiara Casarini, Basilio Dipani, Giovanna Fabretti, James Mark Ford, Frans Frengen, Johannes Genemans, Francesca Guetta, Astrid Jacobs, Jaanz Lynn, Anne Lise Kaaby, Angelika Kahl, Hiroshi Kawazumi, Gian Paolo Lazzarini, Lisa J Levasseur, Lokke, Stjepko Mamic, Vincenzo Messina, Elvio Miressi, Misamore, Massimo Musicanti, Päivyt Niemeläinen, Frédérique Nolet de Brauwere, Anja Stella Ólafsdóttir, Eva Paar, Anne Pelkonen, Dr Martín Raskovsky, Cristina Razzano, Daniela Rebecchi, Delia Rivetti, Sami Gjuka, Peter Schudde, Christina Steinwendtner, Paavo Stenius, Cornelia Teschi Kypridis, Valentina Tudor Pascu, Kees Woestenenk, Anouk Wolse

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