The originals
Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 13 December 2017
The New York based G. Art Agency, Llc. with Rossocinabro presents in a itinerary show ‘The Originals | December 13 -31, selectes works of artists from USA, Europe, Japan and Australia.
The event gives a great opportunity to invest into international art, and is a showcase of the well-established artist as well as young talent. Visitors can expect a variety of paintings, photography art, urban art and sculptures in different styles. The exhibition is curated by Cristina Madini and Joe Hansen.

Artists: Valentina Achim, Dina Babay, Helga Borbás, Elda Calabrese, Laura Casini, Celina, Maria Emilov, Giovanna Fabretti, Francesca Guetta, Mikio Hasui, Lynn Jaanz, Osamu Jinguji, Agnieszka Konopka, Lady Yupiigold, Sybille Lampe, Lisa J Levasseur, Giacoma Lo Coco, Stjepko Mamic, Britt Merrylees, Vincenzo Messina, Elvio Miressi, Beatriz Moya, Päivyt Niemeläinen, Mirja Birgitta Nuutinen, Anja Stella Ólafsdóttir, Daniela Rebecchi, Elke Reis, Miriam Seville, Christina Steinwendtner, Gitana Vaicyte, Natasa Vladisavljevic, Boyan Yanev, Yalim Yildirim, Ziba Moasser

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Aldo Pietro Ferrari
1 year ago
molto bello complimenti
Aldo Pietro Ferrari

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