Working, Thinking, Seeing
Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 15 June 2018
It’s a display of mostly gallery artists, perfunctorily titled 'Working, Thinking, Seeing' and hung without an apparent organizing principle. There isn’t even an official closing date.
Once you’ve settled into the exhibition, however, the vagaries of the arrangement quickly turn into a kind of energizing force, as each distinctly different artwork thrusts its elbows in the direction of its neighbors, some more insistently than others. The difference between the works is very evidence. But so the exhibition goes, with tone shifts tallying more disparate than harmonious moments, but the innate handsomeness of each piece — there is a masterful sense of polish evident everywhere, even in the most emotionally raw works — transforms disjointedness into surprise.
'Working, Thinking, Seeing' group show continues at Rossocinabro (Via Raffaele Cadorna 28, Roma)

Janice Alamanou, Tamara Budnikova, Laslo Cikos, Jürgen Eckey, Jörg Galka-Teisseyre, Katharina Goldyn, Ana Paola González, Christina Haupts, Michael Jastrzembski, Osamu Jinguij, Barbro Jonasson, Aleksandra Kosoń, Lady Yupiigold, Lisa J Levasseur, LiV, Sebastián López Durán, Stjepko Mamic, Walter Marin, Alexandra Mekhanik, Friedhard Meyer, Elvio Miressi, Muisco, Gabrielle Mutti, Mirja Birgitta Nuutinen, Anja Stella Ólafsdóttir, Marlen Peix, Prussi, Michelle Purves, Daniela Rebecchi, Amanda Ruck, Meir Salomon, Martin Severinson, Dolors Simó, Christina Steinwendtner, Vera Tsepkova, Valérie Vandermotten, Anthony Vella

Curated by Cristina Madini e Joe Hansen

Via Raffaele Cadorna 28
00187 Roma
Phone 06 60658125
Open Mon - Fri 11am -7pm

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