The narrative panorama
Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 14 December 2018
Rossocinabro is pleased to present a group exhibition titled The Narrative Panorama, which brings together work of 29 artists: Janice Alamanou, David Dai, Onno Dröge, Ana Paola González, Andreina Guerrieri, Osamu Jinguji, Sua Rose Kim, Pia Kintrup, Marta Kisiliczyk, Ioanna Konstantinou, Judy Lange, Lisa J Levasseur, LiV, Walter Marin, Alexandra Mekhanik, Betsie Miller-Kusz, Elvio Miressi, Rachel Mohawege, Paris Leroy, Edna Piorko, Irena Procházková, Daniela Rebecchi, Caroline Rexborg, Angelo Rossi, Sandra Schawalder, Shigeru K, Sergey Teplyakov, Ildikó Terebesi, Silvia Withöft-Foremny. Each artist creates an idealized, experiential space for the viewer, which is strongly influenced by and constructed upon beliefs, emotions, nostalgia, and imaginations. Encompassing various media that include photography, acrylic, stone and clay minerals, The Narrative Panorama juxtaposes the painterly technique, digital production and sculpture, which in turn encapsulates contrasting contemporary narratives and visual languages.

Curated by Cristina Madini

Guide imagine: Jungle of emotions – oil on canvas cm 100x120x4 by Marta Kisiliczyk

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