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Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 01 June 2020
While art institutions around the world have temporarily closed their doors to support efforts to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, exhibitions worldwide are cancelled, postponed or reduced. For artists who have invested time, energy and resources in the preparation of exhibitions now directly affected by the health crisis, Rossocinabro has launched Art Collections from 16th April, a new online exhibition program that invites individual artists to present their work and continue to generate support for their studies.
From 18th May the exhibition expands to the Rome Gallery with the first opening after the Italian lockdown. A selection of selected works from all over the world will be on display in Rome, just to underline how much Art, as the energy of the deep, has much to teach and say about us and what surrounds us. We are spiritual beings and our highest expression is precisely Art.

On you can see a wide selection of artworks from all over the world

The artworks selection was curated by Joe Hansen and Cristina Madini

Via Raffaele Cadorna, 28
00187 Roma - Italia
Phone +39 06 60658125

Gallery hours: Mon – Fri 11am -5pm

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