Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 05 June 2010
Will take place 5 to 13 June 2010 at Palazzo Guberti Palombara Sabina to the second edition of 'Beyond the garden', promoted and organized by RossoCinabro with the sponsorship of the Lazio Region, the Province of Rome and curated by Cristina Madini. It’s a survey that analyzes the relationship between contemporary art and the concept of nature in the artwork.
The exhibition is divided into two different times. The first and is an exhibition in the halls of of Palazzo Guberti, which brings together artists: Carolina Barbolla, Annamaria Biagini, Americo Di Gregorio, Margaret Joy, Daniel Lifschitz, Cristina Madini, Laura Merola, Claudio Missagia.
Each artist are represented by one or more works particularly significant environmental vocation of their research in order to create a path that is a landscape, a visual and conceptual horizon focuses on the relationship between the work and the imaginary space or not that surrounds.
The second time the exhibition is a series of six routes in places where contemporary art and landscape and urban environment have created something unique in Italy, to promote it.
The itineraries are offered to visitors through guided tours conducted by Cristina Madini and organized by RossoCinabro, in some places public and private Lazio. Visitors to the exhibition may well continue the exhibition in places where nature meets art.

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