Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 25 October 2010
The Popartshow wants to tell through his images, interpret, explain, enhance the culture of myth POP undisputed representative of the popular. The artist draws from the consumer society, more and more globalized, amplified and distributed by the various means mass communication, in their eternal ritual self-celebration.
His favorite subjects, carried in drawing and painting are very different from the universe and draw illustrations of the everyday, mundane fragments of reality, derived from the seductive world of media, from advertising, from product packaging and brand logos that will apart from the charm of fashion, the glamorous faces of celebrities, the magic of cinema and its star system.
Varvicchio borrows or obsessively reworked in some elements and rules of interpretation of the graphic style of the film and television. These characteristics match perfectly with the balloon, creating a sort of cinema comic, with its transpositions film of shots.
Art Exhibition to Pasquale Varvicchio

Main protagonist of the exhibition is the use of the word Pop multiplied many times revised, enlarged, bold in outline, is on thin sheets of colored metal and with the use of color and glitter cards.
The story of this journey heroic Varvicchio Pasquale, dreamy vision of the universe as an artist, the son of Pop, who enchants, is encoded in the carrier of the stars, hallmark of his creations.

Galleria RossoCinabro
Via Raffaele Cadorna, 28
00187 Roma
tel. 06 60658125

25th October - 2nd November 2010

free admittance

12am - 7pm

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