Exhibitions, Italy, Milano, 14 November 2015
After reviewing more than 600 works submitted from around the world, the curators Elisa Ossino, Stefania Vasques and Alberto Zordan, note with satisfaction the quality and the attention given to understanding and interpreting ‘Deserting Reality’, with a particular effort made by many artists in observing hidden aspects and nuances to the theme.

View the selected works:

Deserting Reality is a free, open call for artworks on the ways in which technology interfaces our relationship as human beings with the environment.

The exhibiton of 10 works and projects will be curated by Officina Temporanea and held alongside Celeste Prize 2015 final exhibition.

Curators are looking for work which reflects the ways in which technology is creating a world of mediated experience, which has changed the traditional relationship between human beings and the environment in which they live. In our daily lives, two planes intersect and seem to have become inseparable, the real and the virtual. This union profoundly modifies relational modes which now require constant interfacing. What are the effects on our ability to maintain relationships with other people? Which are the factors in this new, mediated world which alter relationships between human beings and their environment? Works can be submitted in any media or combination of media.

The deadline to enter passed on 15th July.

The curators of Officina Temporanea: Elisa Ossino, Stefania Vasques and Alberto Zordan, will in September announce the works and projects which go on show in Milan in November.

Officina Temporanea is a Milan-based, research project on contemporary languages involving, art, video, music, photography, poetry, performances, installations and design. Its aim is to create the conditions for effective, social and cultural gatherings, a place of meeting and exchange of views, a place to discover new possible scenarios for artistic work.

Exhibition at ex-Bazzi, zona Ventura, Lambrate, Milan, Italy, in November 2015.

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Flora Unicum
4 years ago
Flora Unicum Artist
Un grazie ai curatori di " Officina Temporanea "
Per aver esaminato con cura il contenuto degli elaborati, di noi partecipanti ( Deserting Reality).
Soddisfatta !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Non importa arrivare al traguardo, ciò che ritengo importante è la distinzione qualificativa, di ciascuna Risorsa Umana.
Distinti saluti
Flora Malaspina

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