Help children in Syria, with UNICEF & Celeste Prize
News, Syria, Aleppo, 17 May 2016
As part of Celeste Network's annual efforts to help children in need, we shall be donating 20% of Celeste Prize entry fees paid in the 7 days from 10th May to UNICEF’s ‘Children of Syria’ emergency fund.

We encourage you to join the prize in the coming days to make your contribution and help the 7.5 million children affected by the war in Syria.

UNICEF have kindly promised to let us have an official thank you note which we shall forward to every artist involved in raising the donation this week.

Join and donate > login Celeste, in your admin from the box 'Join the Prize'

To make sure your donation is counted, pay online your entry fee before 17th May. You can then upload your prize work in your own time in the following days.

Thank you.
Steven and the Celeste team.

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