Expectations - Part 1/Berlin
Exhibitions, Germany, Berlin, 17 September 2010
Below you can see a selection of photographs taken during the opening evening..

Open invite to everyone, come to the show's opening at 7pm on Friday 17 September!

The first of two exhibitions in Berlin and New York, in collaboration with the Collegium Hungaricum (Berlin), No Longer Empty (New York) and Celeste in 2010, on a theme developed by Manon Slome -
"an exhibition that takes the image as something concerned less with representation in an historical sense than as a tool for setting something into motion - whether it be action, emotion, a state of being or becoming; a sense that the image leads to something beyond the scope of the painting or photograph, that the moment we see in the frame is just the frozen predicament before what will happen next."

10 Artists who will be exploring 'Expectations' with their works are:

Aldo Berardi, Heaven Can Wait, photograph,

Lucia Lamberti, NBC, painting,

Davide Longfils, Next World, photograph,

Shahar Marcus, Still Burning, video,

Martine Parise, Intersezioni3, installation,

Graziano Russo, 114 barchette di corano sul mar ionio, photograph,

Mimmo Spadoni, unit of time_4, photograph,

Paula Sunday, Fabbrica (from "That's all, folks!" project), photograph,

Giovanni Oscar Urso, Campana, photograph,

Angelo Zani, Dawn at Cape Comorin, painting,

4 Shotrlisted artists:
Barbara Karwowska, Teatro, painting,

Loredana Longo, Nothing is as it seems, installation,

Emanuele Rocchi, Prima del Tempo, installation,

Sara Torzuoli, Intro, photograph,

17 September -
catalogue presentation and opening at the Collegium Hungaricum, Dorotheenstraße 12, 10117 Berlin. The exhibition is open from 17 September until 18 Ocotber.

Works presented: http://www.celesteprize.com/works/pg:ex10/pre:ex10ber/

Details about theme:

The call for works online Celeste ended on 6 August.

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Steven Music
10 years ago
dec, ci stai dando tanto ossigeno con le tue parole di supporto, grazie, speriamo tutto va bene, e che la selezione sarà di fuoco!!
10 years ago
dec Artist
E' un lavoro notevole e degno di rispetto. non saprei quale augurio farvi per questi giorni di fuoco.... a voi la scelta!
ciao simona

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