Expectations - Part2/New York
Exhibitions, United States, New York City, 11 December 2010
SATURDAY 11 December – 4pm 'til late
4pm - Opening Expectations, presentation by the curator Manon Slome.
4-5pm – Special wide-screen projection of 3 videos, Expectations.

SUNDAY 12 December – 10am – 6pm
2pm - Expectations Talk, artists and Manon Slome will discuss the theme of the show.

MONDAY 13 December - 10am - 6pm

The second of two exhibitions in Berlin and New York, born out of a collaboration between No Longer Empty (New York), the Collegium Hungaricum (Berlin) and Celeste in 2010, on a curatorial theme developed by Manon Slome -
"an exhibition that takes the image as something concerned less with representation in an historical sense than as a tool for setting something into motion - whether it be action, emotion, a state of being or becoming; a sense that the image leads to something beyond the scope of the painting or photograph, that the moment we see in the frame is just the frozen predicament before what will happen next."

10 artists whose works in 'Expectations' are:

Patrizia Bonardi, Lasting, video,

Elena Fantini, Gasoline pump, photograph,

Loredana Grasso, Déjà-vu, painting,

Kurt Hoerbst, Julia 11, photograph,

Shahar Marcus, Freeze, video,

Francesco Minucci, Little Boy, photograph,

Francesca Romana Pinzari, The first Time We Kissed, video,

Mario Rossi, Synchronicity 3, photograph,

Marco Santuccio, Equilibrio Funk, installation,

Liz West, Yellow Chamber, installation

Shortlisted works

Barbara Karwowska, Teatro, painting,

Loredana Longo, Nothing is as it seems, installation,

Emanuele Rocchi, Prima del Tempo, installation,

Sara Torzuoli, Intro, photograph,

See all works presented: http://www.celesteprize.com/works/pg:ex10/pre:ex10new/
For details about the theme: http://www.celesteprize.com/eng_1183/

Artists have submitted works directly online in Celeste by 6 August.

17 September 2010 - catalogue presentation at the Collegium Hungaricum, Dorotheenstraße 12, 10117 Berlin, Germany.

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9 years ago
dec Artist
...è incredibile come una foto sia il tangibile congelamento di un evento prima che questo accada. Soprattutto se l'emozione che provi nel fotografarla ti dica già tanto di quello che accadrà.
é solo una percezione una premonizione od in semplice 2 più 2, ma accadrà, perchè è la tua emozione ad essere vera.
buona notte!

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