li Chevalier solo exhibition opened at the National Art Museum of China
Exhibitions, China, Beijing, 07 February 2010

Solo Exhibition by
Li Chevalier
French Chinese artistThe highly accomplished French Chinese artist li Chevalier was born in Beijing. She has been living between Europe and Asia for more than two decades. The National Art Museum of China [namoc] has recently presented her solo exhibition [2010 Dec] after her successful exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition in London , the Grand Palais and the new gallery of Louvre Museum in Paris, Today Art Museum in Beijing.

Li Chevalier earned her two post-graduate degrees in philosophy and fine art respectively from Sorbonne University in Paris and from the highly prestigious Central Saint Martins’ College of Arts and Design in London. She has been involved in more than 40 solo and group exhibitions and her work is held by hundreds of collectors across the globe. The National Art Museum of China has collected her work entitled :Waiting] after her recent solo exhibition in the Museum

After her formal training in western art in Europe, she made a radical return to her "mother tongue" by electing to work with ink, this archetype medium of China . By using mixed media including Chinese ink on canvas, she transcends the classical ink-on-paper model, building a bridge with modernity. Her works have been hailed as an exciting and fruitful reconciliation of Chinese and European aesthetics. Here a particular Chinese sensitivity appears through the artful blending of western and eastern ideas and media, giving a reinvigorated version to an art language that in many ways was “lost in tradition”.

Chevalier’s work departs from the predominant social and political discourses dominating the Chinese art of her generation, and reflects her engagement with philosophy. In the overwhelmingly noisy, speedy, neurotic and rebellious modern art world often characterized by subversive and provocative visual shock, she strives to free her viewers from earthly gravitation to reach an aesthetic and spiritual elevation.

By her distinct oriental voice, li chevalier's art has drawn great attention from the international art scene. President of French National Fine Art Society Francois Bellec wrote: "in your aesthetic quest for harmony, you have brought the noble and elegant ink into a new dimension, offered a new lecture to this millennium art beyond its tradition. " In the preface for France China art festival, the French Minister of Culture Frederic Mitterrand wrote as a guide: “Contemplating the Orient through an inspired gaze of Li Chevalier”


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