53 ° Biennal of  Venice  - Side Events - Poetry Reading in Web Cam
Exhibitions, Italy, Venezia, 09 October 2009
The Sicilian ALFONSO SIRACUSA among poets of the Venice Biennale

53 ° Biennale di Venezia - Side Events - Poetry Reading in Web Cam

By Catherine Davinio, a pioneer of art / poetry Italian digital since 1990, popularized in the international art community by a series of virtual happenings related to poetry, October 9, 2009 in San Servolo will implement a video reading of poetry in web cam with poets / artists from the world, under the project by Marco Nereo Rotelli MHO_Save the Poetry / Night Light.
The poets, via Skype and web cams take his testimony in a poetic event of communication: the poetic word as when the individual but also identity of peoples and global reach, thanks to new media and communication technologies.

The project Poetic Network / Poetry Reading in Web cam intervene October 9 at the Biennale di Venezia - San Servolo:

Stefano Donno (Lecce, Italy), Vincenzo Bagnoli (Bologna, Italy), Ruth Lepson (USA), Phoebe Giannis (Greece), Obododimma Oha (Nigeria), Nicole Mauro (USA), Mirona Magearu (USA), Matteo Fantuzzi (Bologna , Italy), Massimo Mori (Florence, Italy), Lamberto Pignotti (Rome, Italy), Italo Testa (Paris, France), Gabriele Montagano (Naples, Italy), Francesco Muzzioli (Rome, Italy), David Seaman (USA), Knowing Craig (USA), Avi Rosen (Israel), Annamaria Ferramosca (Rome, Italy),Alfonso Siracusa (Agrigento, Italy), Cristina Vignocchi (Sant'Andrea Pelago / Modena, Italy), Joseph Young (UK), Liliana Ugolini ( Florence, Italy), Denis Belley (Canada), Philip Meersman (Netherlands), Mariapia Quintavalla (Milan), Elif Sezen (Australia), Mario Lunetta (Rome, Italy).

After the space shuttle of poetry in Second Life, to celebrate the centenary of the future (5 June to 22 November 2009), with "landing" in SL of the poems on the fortieth anniversary of the landing on the Moon, "Net-Poetry Reading in Web Cam" is proposed as a place to gather and exchange opportunities for comparison and presence for poets. In the "call for entries", addressed to the international network of poetry, Caterina Davinio writes that poets are a bit 'as aliens on earth and that poetry is to look at a point of view, extreme, something to defend in a world approved, may become a planet from which to escape. But poets, welcome aboard the craft's poetry, returning to state their point of view against the annulment of identity and difference.

On the issue of cultural identity threatened the Foundation Mare Nostrum has developed over the years other projects, including the Isle of Poetry, side event at the Venice Biennale 2005, curated by Marco Nereo Rotelli, with a major happening on the same line by Catherine Davino (virtual islands), which involved 500 poets from many countries. The collaboration between Rotelli and Davinio dates, however, until 2001, when it was realized the historic event of the poetry of 49th Venice Biennial: Poetic Bunker, special projects wanted by Harald Szeemann, attended by over a thousand poets and artists from the world.

Here are all the links of the Network Poetic (VIRTUAL Mercury House) by Catherine Davinio, under 53.ma Venice Biennale - Collateral Events MHO_Save The Poetry:

Poetry The First Shuttle Landing on Second Life
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Face North/163/50/22

Network Poetic - "Net-Poetry Readings in Webcam" (line / off line, live) 9 October 2009. Then you can see some records on the YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/VirtualMercuryHouse

Among the poets and artists featured on the site with their poems:

Francesco Dalessandro Italy
Luigi Di Ruscio Norway
Bruno Chiarlone Italy
Antonio Spagnuolo Italy
Chiara De Luca Italy
Della Porta Fortuna Italy
@ Netwurker Australia
John Gian Italy
Peter Barbera Italy
Faraon Meteosès Italy
Mark Palladini Italy
Antonia Colasante Italy
Rod Summers / Vec Maastricht, The Netherlands
Ida Campagnola Italy
Doron Furman Tel Aviv, Israel
Wilton Azevedo Sao Paulo Brazil
Ted Warnell Medicine Hat Canada
Eugenio Lucrezi Italy
Henry Tavernini Italy
Ilaria Drago Italy
Franco Piri Focardi Italy
Anat Elberg New York, Ny
Mario Vassallo New York, USA
G.H. Hovagimyan New York, USA
Geraldo Joachim De Nueva York, Etats Unidas
Irving Weiss Dix Hills, Ny Eua
Gabriella Di Trani, Italy
Ben Brack Maastricht, Holland
Matteo Fantuzzi Italy
Alckmar Silveiras Santos - SP / Brasil
Sital Nove Italy
Carretta Luisella Italy
Laura Mautone Italy
Sergio Sarritzu Italy
Stefano Donno Italy
And Miekal Dreamtime Village, USA
Rosetta Berardi Italy
Linda Mavian Italy
Paul Arceri Italy
Luc Fierens Belgium
Massimo Mori Italy
Alfonso Lentini Italy
Elda Torres Italy
Holly Crawford NYC / USA
Gustavo Sanchez-Velandia Paris / France
John M. Bennett, Columbus, Ohio, USA
Massimo Zanasi - Arka (H.C.E.) Italy
Eric Dubois Joinville Le Pont / France
Reid Wood Oberlin, Ohio, USA
Javier Robledo Argentina
Pete Spence Australia
Karissa Lang Chicago / USA
Randy Adams Nanaimo, Canada
Lucas Farrell Middlebury, Vermont, USA
Adrian Arias (Peru) San Francisco Us
Gigi Zoppello Italy
Catherine Davinio Italy
Italo Testa Italy
Giovanni Fontana Italy
Lorenzo Mazza Italy
Tomaso Binga Italy
Keith A. Buchholz, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.
Sara Maino Italy
Mud Scab Use
Guido Vermeulen Belgium
Radoslav B. Chugaly Odžaci / Serbia
Djazairia Lamia Rue Emir Khaled Ain-Defa 44000th Algérie
María Jimena Pintos Montevideo / Uruguay
Klaus Peter Dencker Germany
Pedro Juan Lopez Caracas, Venezuela
Maria Grazia Calandrone Italy
Lamberto Caravita Italy
Reynolds Brooklyn, NY USA
Paul Murphy Ireland
Piotr Osuszkiewicz Brussels / Belgium
Juan Jose Diaz Infante Mexico
Margaret Levo Rosenberg Italy
Anna Boschi Italy
Giovanni and Renata Strada From Italy
Robitah Nawawi Malaysia
Richard Piegza Paris France
Gregory Vincent Switzerland
Carmela Corsitto Italy
Galata Maria Grazia Italy
Robert Van Saane Netherlands
Alberto Mori Italy
Armando Tinnirello Italy
Pascale Gustin Paris, France
Ricci Rossella Italy
Ignacio Pérez Pérez Venezuela
Alessio Liberati Italy
Aidan Rico Caracas
Allan Revich Toronto, Canada
Angela Ibañez Zaragoza / España
Mario Lunetta Italy
Vincenzo Bagnoli Italy
Lamberto Pignotti Italy
Lello Masucci Italy
Francesco Muzzioli Italy
Cecil Touchon Fort Worth, Texas USA
Bruno Santos Coimbra / Portugal
Emanuela Santoro Italy
Daniel Daligand Levallois - France
Aristotelis Triantis Karditsa Greece
Joe Murray Kansas / USA
Gilbertto Prado São Paulo - Brazil
Tony Green North Shore City, New Zealand
Nathalie France Ranc
Flavia Fernandes Florianopolis, Brazil
Thomas Nicolai Germany
Claudio Grandinetti Italy
Carla Della Beffa Milan / Italy
Maria Grazia Martina Italy
Don Boyd Mt Vernon / Ohio / USA
Mariapia Quintavalla Italy
Sanda Nedic Italy
Marija Serbia Nikola Vauda Pilipovic Manik
Jean-Pierre BALP Paris France
Demosthenes Agrafiotis Greece
Eugenia Serafini Italy
Sérgio Monteiro de Almeida Curitiba / Brazil

And others, which you can read the poem / text art starting from this link: Read the poems
Part in the event online / Submit http://htmlgear.tripod.com/guest/control.guest?u=virtualmercuryhouse&i=1&a=sign

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