the omnia scroll
Exhibitions, Italy, Venezia, San Donà di Piave, 02 March 2013


The Omnia Scroll Exhibitions, an Annual International Collective Art Exhibition and Collaborative Art Scroll launched at Brighton Jubilee Library on 14th November to 18th December 2012.

Beginning in the UK in 2012 this global arts collaboration and exhibition will tour the world annually. Connecting new artists, exhibitors, galleries and the public alike. Artists will exhibit their original artworks and work exhibited will form part of the collaborative work thus creating "The Omnia Scroll" an ever increasing, continually growing work of art.

The Omnia Scroll Exhibition will explore the interconnectedness of all things (Omnia latin all things). The curator being inspired by and fascinated with ancient wisdoms, science, quantum physics, philosophy and spirituality. Embracing the untangible mysteries and invisible connections that merge, from the undiscovered depths of our oceans, of nature, the stars with each other and ourselves. The theme of the exhibition to promote positive connections and explore the visual interpretations of each artist, in doing so increasing connections to a wider audience and to each other.


With each exhibition work from each artist is transferred onto silk cotton fabric panels, these panels will be connected to each other as they increase, bordered with gold embroidery thread and displayed with each exhibition. The collaborative artwork is The Omnia Scroll, international artists together creating one artwork.
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Waldemar Dabrowski
7 years ago
Best wishes...!
Associazione Roberta Smedili
7 years ago
un grande in bocca al lupo
7 years ago
Complimenti a iosa!
Gianluca Aimi
7 years ago
Gianluca Aimi Artist
Barbara Ghisi
7 years ago
bravissimi bel progetto. Complimenti a tutti :)
Viváine Rebouças
7 years ago
Gianna Falsini
7 years ago
complimenti e tanti auguri
Mirta Vignatti
7 years ago
Progetto bellissimo: per essere itinerante e internazionale! COMPLIMENTI!!!!
Maria Cristina  Neviani
7 years ago
Uno splendido progetto...complimenti a tutti voi!
7 years ago
Cat Photographer
Bravo et tous mes voeux à tous !

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