Exhibitions, Italy, Piacenza, 22 April 2017
Born in Tuscany, Gabriella Ventavoli lives and works in Milano.
Is a doctor, psychoanalyst, artist, writer and poet.
Since 1976 Gabriella Ventavoli is active in the field of painting, with many exhibitions on national territory and abroad, getting a wide success of public and critics.
From the beginning shows a striking versatility and follows the innate demand for an always improving training under the sign of knowledge together with a cultural and spiritual growth.
Thanks to her empathic sensitivity and to her continuous attention to social and environmental problems, expressed in most paintings, stands out for the strong civic and moral involvement.
In about forty years of flourishing artistic activity in Italy, with personal and collective exhibitions has succeeded, with extraordinary originality, to blend a deep expressive lyricism with the actual reality of the world, often dramatic.
Through her painting gesture she has been able to dissolve the tragic tones of the faced themes, resulting in a special delicacy of the chromatic range as well in a wonderful softness of the lines.
Without giving up to the expressive dynamism and to the lyric strength, generated by the inner suggestion, the artist creates tales conceived with fantasy and passion, giving life to art works which can melt with harmony both figurative allusivity and motion impetus in vigorous lines.
Of the artist have written: Enzo Battarra, Bruno Polacci, Giorgio Seveso, Maria Teresa Briotti, Emanuele Vicini, Andrea Maria Pero, Liletta Fornasari, Carlo Franza, Vittorio Sgarbi.

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