Jernej Forbici / Before what comes next
Exhibitions, Italy, Latina, 19 October 2017
"Simply looking at one thing does not allow us to move on. Every look turns into consideration, every consideration into reflection, each reflection into a connection. Therefore, we can say that we already theorize in every attentive look we turn towards the world.” (Goethe, 1808 “Theory of colours”)

A deep look at the SYSTEM OF NATURE
Iconographic surveys on the state of PLANET EARTH

Jernej Forbici focuses his research around ecological themes, declinated in pictorial traces and installation sequences. A metabolic and responsible process, where the subject of ethical tension is resolved through visual prefigurations, elaborated with foresight and ecological memory, portent and management of the consequences. His images are fluctuating and unstable, densely layered, on the dissolved boundary between solid, liquid and gaseous. The visual process becomes mimetic, as if the work metabolised the prefiguration and indicated the hypothesis of a plausible future. A work that turns into a visual thermometer, a sort of absorbent matrix that releases alkaline memory on the acidic imprinting of the present. Forbici's painting is one that stratifies and thickens, lightens and expands, creates discolouration and sudden brightness, moving with the capillary methodical of the real landscape, following the events of History and the possibility of a future without history.
The artist shakes our moral conscience, showing us the iconographies of hidden danger, of excesses of presumption, and of change in planetary scales. The paintings seem to be visions of a lyseric idyll, portions of apparently peaceful landscapes that hide, under the emotional wave of atmospheric colour, a dramatically real incumbency. Nature itself, let us not forget, hides violence and conflict behind the sublime appearances of its colours, its climate change, its harmonious sounds. This is the case with the works of Forbici, with his compositions between harmony and chaos, instinct and reason, quiet and storm ... the whole exhibition resembles a pulsation of warning, a red code investigating over the centuries to address the urgency of our next tomorrow.
The artist writes: At the basis of my research and of the whole project there is the manipulation of the environment, investigated along a path that goes from antiquity to modern pollution. The works and the set up of the whole exhibition aims to resume a line essentially based on 4 works / rooms, each dedicated to a series of themes and times, identified and chosen during my long research. "

Room 1_Transformation of the environment and deforestation
Room 2_Mining and land exploitation
Room 3_The Time
Room 4 To the state of things

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