Beppe Francesconi "Reflections of a confused dreamer"
Exhibitions, Italy, Pordenone, 30 September 2011
Friday, September 30, 2011 opens the first exhibition, "Reflections of a confused dreamer" Beppe Francesconi.alla gallery L'Escale in Spilimbergo. The exhibition follows a traveling project in art galleries and other cities from north to south Italy, Spilimbergo escale The Gallery, Contemporary Art Exhibition "in Trieste," On the Line Art Gallery "in Bari," Mercury Art Gallery Contemporary "of Viareggio. To date, 4 stages which will be presented 24 new oil paintings, all published in a catalog of 68 pages with review of Carmen De Stasio, the exhibition project and organization is supported by Riccardo Tartaglia.

extracted from a critical text by Carmen De Stasio
Allegri ducklings, hearts and balloons drifting in a sky of stars and flowers, flying elephants shivering, gentle unicorns. These are some of the creatures that dot the unlikely image of a joyous nature in the dream, defined by Oscar Wilde's only reality.
This is the fairy-tale world that Beppe Francesconi generates the narrative of a long adventure, where freshness and simplicity are combined in a logical nonsense by all staff. The logic of the dream ...

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Maria Cristina  Neviani
8 years ago
Complimenti di cuore!
Andrea Boldrini
8 years ago
Associazione Roberta Smedili
8 years ago
un grandissimo in bocca al lupo

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