BIOMACHINES di Emilio Antonelli
Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 15 February 2011
The strange mingling of the alien and human, of flesh and machine - in the words of its author - is the most obvious characteristics of this art made with textured buildings complex and heterogeneous assemblies that bring us into an alternate dimension some not desirable but certainly possible. A sort of pseudo-futuristic actually sprang from the depths of the unconscious Emilio Antonelli wants action to be liberating, cathartic, perhaps, of hidden nightmares, ghosts of the mind into creatures that materialize out of this world that we know the degree of evolutionary ' intelligence or potential intentionality of instinct. Represent and careful observers watch from an anxiety or a phobia, in psychoanalysis means to exorcise them and, somehow, make a liberating act. Where there is the intention of creating sensationalism fiction - attributable to the illustration of a trend - there is therefore seconfda survey on all inner mental calls attention to the uncertainty and fears of an age issue and irrational as ours. Antonelli explores himself and his work becomes an expressive instrument of self-reflection and inner knowing. The technical skill and a taste for bold experimentation of heterogeneous materials in combination, the results provide compositional effect that certainly does not leave any way indifferent to the look but, on the contrary, impose a very intense reflection that can develop in different directions. Last but not least, consideration of the contentious relationship between technological progress and human dimension, namely the subtle dependency created in the modern world between man and machine, with the possibility that this could overwhelm the reasons most intimate and real conscious of that Love which we characterized as a species. We will still dominate our reality or we will be dominated, like Goya said, by a sleep of Reason that generate monsters?

Ultimately, perhaps the cryptic message Antonelli is just that.

G. Bonomo


Emilio Antonelli was born in Padua on 9/10/1976. He graduated from art school, "Sacred Heart" of Padua in 1997, and here he learned the rudiments of the technical language of painting. He continued his education in Milan at the I. E. D. (IED), where he graduated in 2000 in editorial illustration. After a brief stint working with an illustrator, focuses its artistic research in music, devoting himself for ten years to the study, interpretation and teaching of the battery, also attending relevant courses in NY. After the publication of two books for children published in 2010 by Aurelia., To whose care the illustration and, as a result of unexpected events of life, feels the need 'to take up his brushes. He was born in a very short period of time and a burst of spontaneity this series of paintings, partly the result of visions gained in previous years, a renewed position of strength need of expression.

My inner world of Emilio Antonelli

At the center of my artistic research, both in music and figurative, meeting a need of expression. These recent works are born from my subconscious, from the tensions and images that populate the deepest part of myself. I could define them as creatures born from my nightmares, from my anguish; are "beings" who have taken life from my personal experiences. They were assembled and meat machines, and balances and imbalances, are maimed creatures, unable to live independently in a "real", although "live". And 'as if they were part of human beings and animals without a functional logic refitted with technological elements, a figment of my imagination "mad scientist" (and here I find a reference to the pictures of Giger and Moebius). The dimension in which they live is my unconscious, then the representations are direct, fresh, my inner world, without a study of logic, and their personalities also escapes to my interpretation ...

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