Maurizio Attisani
Exhibitions, Brazil, São Paulo, 09 August 2011
Thursday, August 9 at 19.00, the gallery COR in Florianopolis, Brazil, in collaboration with the gallery Tartaglia Art in Rome, as part of the Project Economic and Cultural Forum Italy-Brazil, opens the doors of its showroom to the poet / artist painting geometric Maurizio Attisani. Will be presented fifteen new works by several measures, which the artist created for and dedicated specifically for this event in Brazil.

Maurizio Attisani in its already rich display of national gallery, art fairs and institutions, thanks to the artistic guidance of Tartaglia Arte, open borders, along with other authors, and crosses the boundaries of these new countries emerging economies, which are part the BRIC group (Brazil, Russia, India and China). In fact, his works, in 2010, are presented in the Festival of Arts and Culture International Songzhuang and SUNSHINE INTERNATIONAL ART MUSEUM Beijing, leaving, at the request of the museum, a work dedicated to the Chinese museum collection, its exhibitions continue in the East and they get to Italy Point Gallery and location of the 798 art district in Beijing, where the Chinese avant-garde has become a cemetery in an industrial artistic paradise.

Continue its stages exhibitions and lands in 2012 in Brazil specifically in San Paolo, his works are presented in a group show at Bspace Andrea Estrella, continues through the south of Brazil at Dom Joaquim Bar and Cafe in Florianopolis, until "today "with his staff at the Gallery COR. His works are planned for the near future new exhibitions in Russia and India.

The exhibition is curated by Marina Marshall Baldini and Queen Nobrez will be open with free admission until 23 August

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Maria Cristina  Neviani
7 years ago
Auguri di cuore e complimenti a voi!

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