IV shows the project - Each his style
Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 05 April 2013
Tartaglia Art Gallery, continues with the fourth exhibition of the "Everyone his own style ...", and 5 April 2013 and ushers in open voting, with the critical presentation of Carmen De Stasio, the headquarters of Tartaglia Art gallery, at 18 , 00 works of authors: Anita Damas, Gennaro Falcone, Attilio Nesi, Adriano Ribeiro, Fulvio Tornese, Luigi Tosti

The particularity of this project is the direct involvement of the public who may vote in the exhibition venue or at www.tartagliaarte.it, his most appreciated.

This will allow the gallery, at the end of the entire exhibition project to present and dedicate a solo exhibition to 6 artists voted by the public. Those who will give more preference to the artist chosen in each group will receive, as a tribute, a reproduction of a work signed by the artist.

In each exhibition will be exhibited three works per author, but only one will be designated, on-site and on the site for the vote.


"Everyone his own style ...". 60 artists in 10 events

6 artists will take turns to time in ten exhibitions. Each artist will have the opportunity to exhibit her work that he himself considered to be most representative of his style.

"Everyone his own style ...". No limit on the forms and languages

For artists is an 'opportunity for self-representation, exposing the more intimate side, to match as much as possible within and exterior surface depth, without restrictions of any kind. Will be different and completely dropped from a thread. This ensures a variety unrestricted freedom of artistic expression that will populate the visitors a kaleidoscope of styles, materials and colors.

"Everyone his own style ...". Artists identified and selected

It 'sa project that Tartaglia Arte has developed over time. In keeping with the style that sets it apart, puts emphasis on the continuous search for artists valid. With a watchful eye could select, over the years, many authors in this project will be joined by artists coming from other circuits, to confirm the dynamism that ensures a wide and innovative proposal.

"Everyone his own style ...". Cultural enrichment

This project is born and takes place in their seats, but in a positive vision of the future, will continue in a process that will see the exhibition move to different locations, national and international.

Through this initiative, the artists have the opportunity to reach a greater awareness and a broadening biography and quotes.

The selection of original works, technique and style, it leads to cultural enrichment and a constant update on the new contemporary art.


Anita Damas Born in Poland, he lived six years in Ireland and now moved to Brazil. Painting is his passion since he was able to hold brushes. He spent many years attending professional art workshops, then completed a Masters at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland - Faculty of Painting and Sculpture (1996-2002).
Since 2003 he has lived in Ireland, working as a painter and interior designer. His life has always been full of artistic visions that sought to impress on paper or through other types of works of art. He has presented his work in numerous exhibitions in his country of origin, but also in Germany (Dülken and Munchengladbach - Wirkrath) and France (Evian Les Bains).
In Ireland - The Bridge Gallery, Dublin, Bank of Ireland Arts Centre, Dublin Art Gallery Cong, Cong co. Mayo, Backstage Theatre Gallery, Longford. His primary medium is paint, but has also created incorporating collage and other materials in the paintings. ... I strive to create a mind-soothing marina, which allows my audience breathe a small sigh of relief in today's world of fear and hate. Pastel landscapes, interiors and colorful animals are only the pretext of an artistic challenges and evidence - evidence of success ... I hope ...

Gennaro Falcone was born in 1970 in Italy, where he studied at the Art School "Umberto Boccioni". He also holds the baccellerato in Sacred Theology at the Theological Institute-philosophical Viterbo and he became interested in religious art and Orthodox icons. Since the late nineties, she has held exhibitions in Rome, Ibiza, Venice and many other cities of Calabria, also dealing with the restoration of old paintings and art director at the Teatro Comunale di Campobasso (1995-96). "Falcone - writes Tonino Sicoli - is a young artist who experiences a painting antique flavor, but the modern look. The color of gold, precious metal, assumes a universal value, expresses the divine, without idols and without ideologies. Arranged backgrounds, cast into filaments, mixed with silicates, bright or satin, gold becomes a flexible means of expression that captures fragments of poor materials, clicking them in a nobilitatrice contamination. Midas of this painting covered with gold leaf surfaces and elements of his paintings making icons profane laity of Tabernacles, which enclose a private religion, intimate, minute sensations, emotions hidden "

Attilio Nesi was born in Fuscaldo (CS), January 25, 1944.

Since 1962 lives in Rome, where he graduated and his profession as an architect. It 'Professor of Architectural Technology and in this role he teaches and does research on the control of the quality of the project. Since 2005 he is Director of the Department "Art, Science and Technique of Building" Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria. He paints and sculpts his youth in a small scale, educated students for his father, Joseph, physician, poet, painter, sculptor and musician. Prefers drawing and painting exercises with relative continuity, distracted by responsibilities as an architect and researcher. The three activities are somewhat symbiotic and feed each other. Until now, he believed that the paintings could be identified as closed and exclusive with the author and, except for a few occasions and far, avoided is to communicate his experiments. Over the past five years has worked continuously in two lines of research that arise from the painting of a comparison with the past and the problems of selectivity of their memory: "words between the red and the black" and "eyes of Mnemosyne" propose studies conceptual, using either the abstraction (perhaps better to speak of "constructivism abstract) and the" neo-figurative symbolic "out of fashion trends, return words and images, motives and feelings of her own life," ricomponendoli "and" compressing "in formal uniform, unusual in size and proportion.

Adriano Borges Ribeiro was born in Belém, northern Brazil, in 1970. He studied art at the University Federal of Fine Arts in Salvador-BA (Brazil). In 1991 the academic period and ends back in the Amazon, where a series personal situations on a journey cultural and existential, who does not hesitate to call it "ecumenical" in the heart of the jungle metropolis of companies will often offer models not up vital necessity proper to man. Ribeiro belongs to a Latin American art movement, which offers a contemporary reinterpretation of the universe belonged to the ancient peoples who dominated the center and south of the American continent in his works stand out different combinations of shapes in a random way, the result of a Its unique aesthetic sense, which harmonize and blend into the coexistence of peoples recolombiani.Ai graphic graphic elements that are referred to in the instruments of war, hunting, rock in the signs and hypothetical biological beings represented in three-dimensional forms can be found side by side also evidence of ' contemporary urban world, the metropolis of the signs of today's chaotic society: these findings are derived from personal history, experienced in adolescence as a "writer" in the streets of the state capital in Brazil. Fascinated and profoundly affected by the movement of'' Street Art'', the artist also uses the techniques that characterize the'' writing'' to give life to the elaborate and contemporary. The works, predominantly of matter, represent and synthesize an unusual artistic language through which the Ribeiro translates his vision of the cosmos (macro and micro) with a speech in harmonious shapes, simple, poor use of the material that manipulates with discipline and technique. Besides dealing with contemporary art Adriano Ribeiro is a photographer and videomaker.

Fulvio Tornese was born in Lecce in 1956, still at high school complete his artistic training at the studio of painter and graphic artist Giancarlo Moscara. He attended the Art School. In 1982, he graduated in Architecture at the University of Florence with the highest honors. The thesis work is published and exhibited in several exhibitions of architecture in various Italian cities. Since 1997 he works at the University of Salento, where he executed several projects for libraries and museums of the University. Since 2009, member of the Provincial Council of the Order of Architects of Lecce. The work of painter continues steadily from the beginning with his formal research focused on urban landscapes and fragments of imaginary cities, with the use of traditional and innovative techniques. From 1981 he exhibited his work in solo and group exhibitions in private galleries as well as in public spaces, in Italy and abroad. In March 2007, is one of three Italian artists selected for an exhibition of Italian art organized by the Italian Embassy in Kuwait during the 50 years of the "Treaty of Rome". After the success of staff in June 2009 to '03 Red Art Gallery in Barcelona thanks to the proposal submitted by the FORGE large formats Fulvio Tornese have been chosen to participate in the fifth edition of the International Festival of Contemporary Art in Beijing. In July 2011 he exhibited in a solo exhibition organized by Tartaglia Arte and the Associazione Italo-Chinese Forge, Italy Point at the Today Art Museum in Beijing. His works are part of public collections, private individuals and companies.

Luigi Tosti is a builder of ideas, new seas, invisible waves of revolutions and white where beauty is no longer an abstract concept but real feel-good factor and not a photographer and not a painter but an explorer of dreams. "There was a time ..." so begins his fairy tales because marine, marine fairy tales on, the space that surrounds us is no longer the same, but inner territory interpretations upside down where the white is not a color but the absence of writing music of strokes, which offers endless ego new areas of expansion because redraws the boundaries dell'immaginifico. Born visual suggestions for unexpected visitors that they encounter which have the effect of seduction and surprise surprise, seducing. Fairy tales visual Luigi Tosti are not limited by borders a stage where spectators become actors and also populate the images of themselves that they encounter. Poet, copywriter, art director, "Photographer of Dreams", the artistic career of Luigi Tosti. The author is "reporter" of the collective breaks down the dividing line that separates dreams from reality and revolutionized rewrites the rules of photography is that the patterns of painting creates a new alphabet of visual communication and is in favor of the public and experts. Are interested in him magazines and Ansa Washington and London, the prestigious venues exposure of some of his works. from the relevant Italian Embassies. He exhibits in three galleries of art: Venice, Ferrara and Rome.

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