Exhibitions, Brazil, Florianopolis, Florianópolis, 22 March 2013
exhibition of Elaine ERIG at the Club Italo-Brazilian Santa Catarina in collaboration with the arts organization Tartalia Arte


The Art of Digital Elaine Erig.

Thinking body vibrating energies have even transcendence and spirituality ... Almost paradoxical case of themed compositions in pixels, in principle subjective - the images created by the artist. Are layers of bowels, ridges and pores, is very conniving with the mystery before us these cracks appeal to the imagination. Even complex, its lines show clear intent to amalgamate lightness, contextualize possibilities of scenarios, curtains, scenery by windows sometimes minimalist, sometimes laden with details burlesque, baroque, purposely sophisticated.

Sometimes birds - and then feathers and fur and paws of an unknown intriguingly familiar flanam front of eyes within the same work flying loose their limits.

So felines, embroidered carpets and walls that open doors in the comfort of quilted textures juxtaposed colors - postures gestures. Certain raw viscera jump organic spheres. As a chew quietly every vein, every bit of nerve. His features have bones and muscles - stiff, sharp.

Vai a jump up to flick lint, the bristle of hair, for pools and landscapes scoured woods and edges. Sensory graph like she locked it inside lines and wires and silks and embroidery on strips of fans and parasols.

It is delightful walk through these labyrinths of farms with wishes for there to lose, since so many curves, leaves, leftovers, shadows, lights, bark, fruit, moss, fur beauties of fluid flows where getting lost is a huge finding

Rita Martins

Writer and poet, versed in languages​​.

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