Exhibitions, Italy, Roma, 10 May 2013
Friday, May 10, 2013 at 18.00 the artistic organization Tartaglia Arte in collaboration with the CASC-Bank of Italy, opened the photo exhibition "No future without ..." Paolo Delvecchio. The exhibition will include 22 shots in a limited edition of medium and large format printed on photographic paper and mounted on special media. The exhibition will be complemented by the projection of a series of slides.

Delvecchio proposes a direct and intimate relationship with that photographer, in front of these images you feel "nailed down," forced to watch, and then we see through the mix between the rigor of the representation and the inevitable uncertainty that results from a reinterpretation emotional encounter between the beholder and if the essence of what is represented. You have to stop at the photographs of Delvecchio is a need which occurs automatically, caused astonishment with which we perceive the essence, and you find yourself thinking that that wall is just off the wall, that still life is really dead ...

And it is ... a moment, we find ourselves in contact with one's inner self; cutting perspective, the use of light and reflections in the puddles are no longer utilized, but disvelatori of the world too often filled with sadness and loneliness, even the ' rainbow we see only through a reflection that we reduced returns. So it's true: "There is no future without ..." relationship, compassion, communication ... And so Delvecchio gives us the opportunity to end our profound moment of contact. Through the eyes started a journey that now gives us back to reality a bit 'more aware. (Mariangela Mutti)

Paul Delvecchio Roman by birth, but adopted Milan, has made photography his area of R03;R03;expertise from his early youth, beginning with one of the first Polaroid black and white, and soon after with the Rolleiflex 6x6 without exposure of the father . He moved to Milan to take this passion and his profession, he started as an assistant at the photographic studio of Franco Berra from whom he learned the attention to detail and use of studio lights. Since then he has explored many areas of photography, from collaborations in New York with the photographer Enrico Ferorelli Time Life, a still photographer, directed by Sergio Rubini, in editorials on national and international journals. Its activity has been articulated and varied over time, going from fashion to 'architecture, from catalogs to advertising pages, from portraits to reportage, from calendars to teaching, always with the constant desire and curiosity to explore new areas and to deepen knowledge and the language of photography. In recent years he abandoned photography on a professional level to open a production services for advertising photographers, at the same time devoting himself to personal research and experimentation.

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Associazione Roberta Smedili
7 years ago
un grande in bocca al lupo

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